Sunday, 12 April 2015

Products to give a go

Recently theres been so many new launches but unfortunately for the last month I've been on a spending ban, and I hoping to do a post all about saving money and all that jazz soon. So as a result of this spending ban, I've been going back to old products and a few new-ish but still not too new products. Catchy.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
If you haven't tried this concealer yet, I would 100% recommend going out and picking it up. Concealers are one of those things that I'll find one I like and then not change for months, but this one got me out of my concealer rut! It's perfect for using on redness or under your eyes and the finish is gorgeous! It's very glowy and healthy looking. I'm a pretty sure I'm back into my concealer rut with this one.

Collection Extreme Eyeliner
A old one, but a good one. If I'm going to do eyeliner and I'm in a rush I'll always reach for this one. I just find that out of all the eyeliners I've tried I tend to make the less mess and mistakes with this one. You can be really precise with it by using the very tip but I do find a very fine line usually doesn't come out completely black but you can definitely build it up.

Maybelline BrowSatin
This is a relatively new one and I'm really excited about this one. It's a highstreet brow pencil and powder which isn't too red toned which is pretty hard to find. It's a doubled ended product, one end is a small twist up pencil, the other end is a sponge with the powder in the lid. Luckily I have pretty dark full brows to begin with so I tend to only use the pencil end to give them some more shape and fill in the sparse areas.

Maxfactor Blush
Well these have had just a small amount of hype around them! But they are definitely worth all the hype. I've been very controlled and I still only own one but I'm sure the next time there's a 3 for 2 (and I'm not on a spending ban) I'll be picking another one up. I'm one for quite a subtle glowy blush and the shade 'Nude Mauve' is perfect for that.

Have you tried any of these? And what products are your go?
Thank you, Daisy.
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