Friday, 17 April 2015

Teas to try

Whether it's early in the morning, midday or just before you go to bed, tea is always my answer. I am slightly obsessed with tea but the best part is tea's not unhealthy (unlike most things I'm obsessed with!). So here's my runthrough of the some of the non traditional teas out there. 

Chai Tea
I always think of Chai tea being more winter-y but I thought I'd mention it anyway. It's a tea you brew as usual, so about 3 minutes and then add a splash of milk. It's a spicy, warm tea so on cold nights it's really good. It has a strong cinnamon and ginger scent so if that's something you like, you'll definitely like Chai tea.

Green Tea
Couldn't do a tea post without mentioning green tea. Green tea normally splits people, you either love it or you hate it. The first time I tried green tea was with lemon and I hated it! Found it way too bitter. I decided to try it again with Cranberry and this is now my favourite tea! So if you don't think you like green tea definitely try it with cranberry, or pomegranate, that's also good. I tend to just pick a different flavour ever so often from the Twinings Green tea range as they have so many!

Infusion - Peppermint and Liquorice
I've wanted to try the teapigs Peppermint and Liquorice tea for ages but kept forgetting and then the other day I was in Aldi and I found their version of the infusions. And these look so posh and neat but they really aren't. They are just from Aldi. This is the only flavour I've tried from them so I'm interest in trying more but if you're looking for a good, affordable Peppermint and Liquorice tea it's worth trying this one.

Berry Tea
A very summer-y looking box for a very summer-y tea. A lot of brands do fruit teas that are caffeine free and the one I'm loving at the moment is a Knightbridge tea which is a Lidl brand. This is the tea I normally have with a biscuit mid-morning, and it's a very good mid-morning tea. Quite sweet so if you're craving sugar and trying to avoid it, this tea will hit the spot while still being healthy.

That's my little tea low down. If you have any teas you love or want to recommend please do as you can never have too many teas!
Thank you, Daisy.
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