Monday, 16 December 2013

Oh the joy of Monday #2

I've decided I want to make 'Oh the joy of Monday' a kind of series, where I will do an updated version ever so often or when I change the products I use. If you haven't already checked out my first one, please do!

Right onto the good bit!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

A Miracle Makeup Remover?

One of the worst bits of getting home late is taking your makeup off. I hate wanting to just roll into bed but know I have to scrub my eye makeup off. I recently have found something which does the job perfectly. It takes off everything so easily. No scrubbing!
It's clinique's take the day off makeup remover. 
It comes it a semi-see through bottle which means you can see the product separate. It separates into an oil and a clear liquid so you need to give it a really good shake before you use it. I then just take some on a cotton wool pad and just swirl it quickly round my face, which takes off my foundation, blusher, etc and then I start on my eyes. This is normally a mammoth task as I've never found something which takes my eye makeup off without either stingy my eyes or smearing black all round my face, which isn't ideal. With clinique's take the day off it's easy! I just rest it on my eyes for a few seconds, maybe ten at the most and then just sweep it over my eye lid and then gently rub my eyelashes. This pretty much removes all of it. Sometimes on days where I have more make up on, I will do it twice just to double check I've got rid of all the mascara but usually it's pretty perfect.
When I first tried this I was a bit worried as it's an oil based makeup remover and rubbing an oil on my already oily skin just wasn't appealing. However I got used to it very quickly and now love it. It does leave your skin with a slight greasy feeling but not too bad, so I usually will just quickly wash my face with some water and then do my normal nighttime routine of moisturizing. 

It is £17.00 a bottle which puts me off it a bit as there are so many makeup removers which are a lot cheaper but it is really worth it. I tend to only use it on days where I know my makeup is going to be a pain to get off or if I've worn a lot of eye makeup. But I would really recommend it! I'm pretty sure they do a set which contains a mini bottle of it which might be a good way to test this and some other clinique products out!
Thanks, Daisy. Kiss <3

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Colour tattoos worth the hype?

I feel like I'm very behind on the whole maybelline colour tattoos fascination, but I recently followed the hype and bought two.
I chose 'on and on bronze' and 'permanent taupe' as these are the two really wearable colours and the most popular. 
I was surprised at how creamy they were, especially when you apply them. It literally takes seconds to put them on and they are so easy to sweep on. They are absolutely brilliant when you're in a rush as they don't need anything over them. However I find that 'permanent taupe' is better as a base than a shadow by itself as its quite grey-purple and i tend to wear more browns. This makes 'on and on bronze' amazing. I've worn this on severely occasions just by itself as its easy, no hassle and still looks really nice!
They do set reasonably quickly which means they stay on all day! (Even on my oily eyelids!) As they set quite quickly is does mean if you are blending them with another eye shadow you have to do it quite soon after applying but I didn't find it a problem.
The left hand side 'permanent taupe'
The right hand side 'on and on bronze'
I would recommend these to everyone and their dogs! I absolutely love them and I'm pretty sure I've worn them every day since I got them!
Thanks, Daisy. Kiss<3

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Rimmel sexy curves mascara

Rimmel sexy curves mascara 
I've never been a massive mascara junkie but I still have my fair few. One of my recent additions, when I say recent it's probably been a couple of months but time flies when you're having fun! Is Rimmels Sexy Curves mascara. 
It's been out for quite some time I think but I wanted to try something new and different. When I looked at other people reviews for this no one seemed to be overly negative or positive on this one. So I decided to give it a go. I got mine in brown black, which was a lucky accident, as its turned out that I quite like it in brown black. 
The mascara itself is quite a wet formula which is normally never good for me as I manage to get it everywhere! I then I always sneeze or cough and I end up with eyelash prints on my cheeks. However with this one I found that the mascara is very wet but dries fairly quickly. Another thing that usually bugs me about wet formulations is that they tend to go clumpy if you put a lot on. I find with this one you can do a lot, and a mean a loooot of coats and it doesn't go clumpy, which I love as you can top it up and it stays looking nice. I find that it definitely helps my eyelashes keep their curl but also lengths them a lot. I would say the only down side to this mascara is that it doesn't give much volume. But I love using it on days when I don't want anything too dramatic but still nice and girly. 
The actual mascara brush is so good! It's curved so it goes in and out. This makes getting you inside lashes so easy and really flicks them up. I also find that it makes you outside lashes really fluttery as it pushes them outwards. 
The lasting power of this mascara is also quite amazing. It can keep my eyelashes, which tend to go flat quite quickly, curled all day! And despite the formulation not being waterproof I still find that's it very smudge proof and doesn't run very easily. It comes off easily at night with a facial/eye cleanser so it means no scrubbing at your eyes for hours!
Overall I really like this mascara and I use it all the time. I would really recommend this to anyone who struggles with lashes staying curled or anyone who wants something very girly and fluttery without being dramatic. 
Thanks, Daisy. Kiss <3

Monday, 25 November 2013

Frizzy hair problems?

My hair is one of those annoying inbetweeny hair types. It's not super curly and neither is it straight. This makes it a pain in a morning as I can't just brush it and leave the house. Cause when I do brush it, it doubles in size. Actually it's probably more like four times the size. Anyway I've tried some serums that are meant to calm frizz and you put it through dry hair but I find that my hair feels dirty and greasy.
Anyway, I was in the body shop, around 2 months ago and I was chatting to the lady who worked there and she suggested The Body Shops Coconut oil Hair Shine. 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

The perfect red lip?!

I absolutely love wearing bright red lips especially near Christmas. So I thought I would tell you what my two favourite bright red lipsticks are.
The first one is from L'oreal. 
It's from their colour riche serum line and this one's in the colour 502, True Red. I can't remember the exact price of this lipstick but it's between £6 or £7 I think. Which for a lipstick I think it's quite reasonable, but not amazing. The lipstick it self however is really good. It's so so pigmented and glides on so easily. It's so easy to apply which means you don't have to mess around trying to apply it 3 or 4 times. I find that it's quite long lasting and will stay on all day if I'm out shopping or something but on a night when you're drinking and eating is does tend to fade a little bit. But when is does fade it doesn't fade patchy which is good so you don't have to worry about checking in a mirror after every drink. 
My next favourite is from MUA. 
It's one of their normal lipsticks in the shade 13. It's only a £1, which is a bargain! It's really bright and very pigmented, but it is a tad on the orange side of red rather than a deep red. This ones not quite as easy to apply as it can be bitty, which is a shame, but usually I few coats and it looks the same as the l'oreal lipstick. It's lasting power is really good! I would say it's as good as, if not better than the l'oreal which makes this even more of a bargain! 
I swatched them both on my hand, the bottom one being the l'oreal and the top being MUA. You can see when they're swatched side by side the MUA one looks brighter and the l'oreal looks like a deeper red. 
However when you apply them to your lips they look almost exactly the same. On the top I have l'oreal and bottom I have MUA. I think they look really similar, and though the MUA is slightly drying on the lips I would still stay its as good as the l'oreal especially at the price it is! What you like to see more lipstick dupes?
Thank you! Daisy, Kiss <3

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Sweater Weather Tag!

Favourite candle scent?
My favourite candle, by far is Yankee candles Cranberry Chutney. It reminds me of Christmas and I love it! Unfortunately it's really hard to hold of and I haven't found any other brand which do a similar one! Buts it's so cosy and warm, I love it.
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
This is really close between tea or hot chocolate. I think I would go with hot chocolate as I only ever drink it in the winter, whereas tea I have all year round!
What's your best fall/autumn memory? 
I think my best autumn memory would be from when I was really little, like 5 ish. Where we used to live we had a garden which had massive trees and I always remember that during October I would spend hours with my mum sweeping up the leaves as they would cover the garden. I remember being quite helpful but looking back at photos I tend to just be sat in piles of leaves! But yeah I think that's my best fall memory as it reminds of where we used to live and spending all my time with my mum, which I loved. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner? Ahh this is such a hard decision for me. I've always loved a dark lip but I've recently started loving winged eyeliner. So I think i'd go with winged eyeliner.
Best fragrance for fall/autumn?
I absolutely love Dior's hypnotic poison. It's a heavy scent but really nice and fitting for winter and autumn.  
I'm going to miss out the next one, favourite thanks giving food as we don't have thanks giving in England. Unfortunately, I would love to have another excuse to eat loads.
What's autumn weather like where you are?
Frigging miserable. But I love it. Autumn must be my favourite season by far. The weather is normally quite cold, and towards the end of autumn it begins to get quite rainy, which means an excuse to have more hot baths!
Most worn sweater?
My most worn sweater must be my grey azteky jumper which is quite thin but it's good for layering. I found it in a sale in M&S for £6! And I just had to have it. 
Or it would be my recent purchase of this beautiful sheep jumper! It's purple with a wooly sheep on and I love it. It's quite thick but still good for layering. I got it from primark for around £10 I think. They do a few different colours in this sort of design which is quite good. 
Must have nail polishes this fall/autumn?
I've being loving Revlon nail polishes recently and I've recently done a blog post about two, classy and royal but another must have one is Revlon Red. It's a slightly deeper red so it isn't bright but it's too dark either. 
Football games or jumping in leaf piles?
Jumping in leaf piles all the way! Love it almost as much as jumping in puddles.
Skinny jeans or leggings?
Leggings are so comfy and warm so I would have to go with leggings. They're like socially acceptable PJ's
Combat boots or Uggs?
Combat boots definitely. Love them and I've never really been into Uggs.  
Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
I've got to admit I've never had pumpkin spice, shhh.
Favourite fall/autumn tv show?
It's kinda autumn/winter tv show but definitely I'm a celebrity! It's always the lead up to Christmas, so of course I love it, but I really enjoy getting ready for bed and watching it. 
What song really gets you into the fall/autumn mood? 
It changes every year. I've never had one song which I listen to every autumn, apart from maybe Taylor swifts first album, yes it's my guilty pleasure. But this year I've been loving Settle down by The 1975, well anything from The 1975 to be honest. 

That's my sweater weather tag as a post! I love autumn and I really enjoyed doing this tag. 
Thanks, Daisy. Kiss <3  

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes eye shadow sticks

So I've been looking at the Scandaleyes eyeshadow sticks now since they first came out and I keep telling myself I don't need them, but finally I gave in and picked some up. I only picked two colours, out of the five the boots had, as I thought they were the ones I'll get the most use out of.
I picked up two, in the colours 003 bad girl bronze and 002 bulletproof beige. They also had a black one, which I can't remember if it was matte or not (sorry) and then a bright vibrant blue and purple, which I think I might have to go back and get! But I thought these were the must wearable so I thought I'd test these out before buying the other colours. 
The first one which really stood out to me was this one, in bad girl bronze. It's quite a dark brown with gold glitter running through it. I tried just pressing lightly and doing one line and is gives you quite a lot of colour. If you press a bit harder and do a few strokes is does definitely get darker. It goes on really easily and smooth so it's easy to apply straight to your eyelid. I found that if you left it a few minutes after putting it on it wasn't very easy to blend but if you try blend straight after applying it, it does blend a lot better, still not amazing though. 
The second colour is bulletproof beige. This has the same consistency as the other one and goes on very smooth. With this one though I do find you have to work it a tiny bit harder to get really good colour pay off. However it's still really pigmented and easy to use. I have used this as a highlight and an all over lid colour and I really liked it. I found it easy to blend, easier than the brown in my opinion. I've also found that they both stay on all day really well. I sometimes have a problem with eyeshadows as they do tend to crease or fade on my eyelids but I thought these stayed on really well throughout the day. They claim to be waterproof but, fortunately, I haven't had to test this out yet but they do seem to come off quite easy using most makeup or eye make up removers so I don't know how well their staying power will be if they do get wet. 
I would recommend these two as they are really wearable and easy to just throw in your bag and you don't really need any brushes with them.
Thanks. Daisy, Kiss <3

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Argon Oil. Worth the hype?

Argan Oil worth the hype?
Argan oil seems to be getting a lot of hype recently. There's so many shampoos, conditioners and hair masks which now have argan oil in them and I've got to admit I've never tried them. 

Monday, 18 November 2013

Oh the joy of Mondays!

Mondays aren't my favorite day ever so on Monday nights I find it one of the best nights to have a long bath and relax. Long relaxing baths used to be what I would spend my Sunday evenings doing but I find after getting through Monday mornings I deserve one!
I have many products that I love to use for my spa like bath.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Favourite Winter Nail Polish (so far)

These two revlon nail polish have barely been off my nails the last month. I absolutely love revlon nail polishes. They are always quite runny but very pigmented meaning they're easy to apply.