Saturday, 8 August 2015

Veganism; worth a try

Good afternoon, it's been a while to say the least!
Before you click off or decide not to read this post just hold one minute. I'm not trying to tell you veganism is the way forward and that everyone should go vegan, I just want to put my ideas out there and challenge you to try new things!

Have you ever thought about going vegan or vegetarian?
I've been brought up vegetarian my whole life and been on and off vegan since I was 10 years old. I'm now fully vegan.
The thing I hear the most when people find out I'm vegan is 'Thats so restrictive, what do you eat?'. So if you're thinking that, I'm not surprised. Going from a meat diet to veganism does seem restrictive at first but honestly it's not, and I'm here to give you ideas.
I'm going to post more vegan based blog posts from now on, so even if you just switch the odd thing in your diet, it's better than nothing. Or do a vegan day a week!

To get you started, or just things to try, vegan or not, here are my favourites:

- Alpro Soya Yoghurt
There's plain, vanilla, coconut and almond and they are so good.

- Vitalit
It's not that this one is particularly yummy but it's necessary. It's just sunflower oil spread, alternative from butter.

- Tesco's meat free range
A lot of tesco's meat free range are also vegan so go knock yourself out.

- Lidl's Fruit Shortcake biscuits
They're not particularly healthy, but they are really good.

Of course you've got your fresh veg and fruit, rice, pasta and potatoes that are also vegan!

If you want some inspiration check out my instagram, my username is 'dropofdaisy'.

Thank you for reading and I hope you appreciate the new direction my blog is going!
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