Sunday, 22 March 2015

Beauty Wish List #2

Do you know those makeup products that you swatch every time you're in boots but never pick up? Well theses are mine. They're the products I've never got round to trying or I've convinced myself I don't need, but anyhow they say on my wishlist. And I have no doubt I will find a good review of these products and then go out and convince myself I need them. So onto the products.

Matte eyeshadows have been my favourite thing recently, so to be fair any matte eyeshadow palette could be on this list. The best thing about the matte palette is the different shades. It's not boring. It has a bit of everything and can use it for so many different looks. So there may be a order being made pretty soon.

Bourjois Java Rice Powder
I remember when this came out everyone seemed really impressed by it and loved it but I kinda just ignored the hype as I was like 'It's only a powder, how great can it be?'. Then the other day, for the first time, I swatched it. This is gorgeous. It's definitely has a glow to it so I wouldn't necessary where it all over the face, although I'm sure you'll be able to. It looks like it'll give you a gorgeous glow, and this will definitely be coming home with me next time there's an offer.

I've quite recently got into bronzing and contouring and all that jazz, so at the moment bronzers have really been my weakness. I've heard so much about Soap & Glory's solar powder and it seems like the perfect, easy bronzer. The only negative thing I've heard is the packaging, but honestly I don't think it'll phase me too much, but I'm sure I'll see.

I've swatched these so many times, especially the Mauve, Beige Minimal and Grey Graffiti. They seem like the perfect liner to rough-fully line the top lid and then smudge out. So the next time Bourjois have 3 for 2 I feel like these may end up coming home with me. Cream eyeshadow sticks are just the perfect thing when you're feeling lazy or what something quick.

This has been on my list for the longest time! It looks so gorgeous and a feel like I have a lack of highlighters, so I'm trying to justify getting this. This has popped up in so many recent (and old) youtube videos and everyone seems to love it so I'm definitely quite excited to try this, hopefully soon!

Have you got any products that have been on your beauty wish list for the longest time?
Thank you, Daisy.
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