Thursday, 5 March 2015

Little Must Do's

Before I was really into makeup my skincare routine was really bad, as in it didn't exist. I know we can all be lazy with our skincare routines but I just didn't even know how important treating your skin right was. So I here's the post about my 'must do's' that I've now put into my daily and weekly routine.

The first one is a obvious one but an important one. Taking your makeup off everyday, however tired you are. Sometimes the thought of going through the process of taking my makeup off is just too much after a long day, so for these days I keep a small pack of face wipes at the back of my draw. But on the regular I try not to use face wipes. I would definitely recommend trying out some of the water based cleanser that loads of brands have brought out in the last 18 months or so. They are a lot kinder to the skin and still do a great job, if not better, than face wipes.

The other thing which I didn't believe when I was younger, was moisturising. I have naturally rather oily skin so moisturising has never really appealed to me but honestly if you have oily skin I don't always moisturiser please do. I have found it makes a big difference to my skin. When you don't moisturise your skin, it then wants to moisturiser itself, if you will, so produces more oil than usual, so definitely give it a go. Moisturising can also prevent breakouts, as when I skip moisturising I find my skin will freak out and break out. Basically whatever you skin type you should really be moisturising it, and there are a lot of different moisturiser out there for all different skin types.

Face masks. These are my new favourite things and something I look forward to every week. I have a few face masks which I alternate between, the No Clogs Allowed by Soap and Glory and the Tea Tree mask from The Body Shop. I put aside a time each week for a bit of self pampering, which normally involves painting my nails and a good face mask. I find doing a mask once a week gives your skin a really good clean and leaves it feeling fresh and new.

What are your little must do's? And what's your go to face mask?

I hope you've enjoyed this! 

Thank you, Daisy.
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