Monday, 9 March 2015

Oh the Joy of Monday #6

It's been a while hasn't it. So it's been more than six weeks since my last 'Oh the Joy of Monday' post but it's back and this time with a slightly different theme. I normally feature products that I've been enjoying on pamper evening but recently on 'pamper evenings' or just evening where I have a bit of spare time to myself, instead of cracking out the face mask and the nail polish, it'll be more a mental 'pamper' than physical.

I've always been quite into organisation and planning, making 19 different lists for everything and making timetables I'll never stick to. And after getting a Filafax for Christmas which was, not going to lie, one of the best presents ever! I'm definitely a sucker when it comes to all things stationary. But I love sitting down when I have a bit of spare time, normally with a cup of tea, and just filling it in. I make sure to add in any appointments I might have, deadlines, when I have posts going up and just anything that's worth taking down. This way you'll have everything in one place and I find it makes it a lot easier to organise my time. 

My filafax came from Paperchase, the stationary heaven, and unfortunately I can't find one with the same design as mine but they have plently. (Have fun choosing only one!) 
While I sit down and have a bit of 'me' time I also like to crack out the tea. (To be honest the tea's always out.) And my particular favourite at the moment is Twinings Pomegranate Green tea. Not only does this taste good but it also feels good, it feels healthy. Definitely a win win there.
The next thing I wanted to mention in this version of the Oh the Joy of Monday is my little mini, fairly crappy, whiteboard. I looove this for organisation. If you're a bit rubbish with being organised and want some motivation, or just love organising everything, a whiteboard is your new best friend. Every few days I'll take 5 minutes to write down everything I want to do or get done that week or in the next couple of days. And then the best bit is when you can sit down and cross everything off your list! You're probably thinking, how is this any different from a notepad? And honestly I don't know. It's definitely just a bit of a gimmick but having the whiteboard just at the back of my desk and seeing my list of things gradually getting ticked off it's definitely good motivation.

I hope you've enjoyed this slightly different 'Oh the Joy of Monday' post. And if you have any suggestions of how to stay organised or your favourite organisation tips, I would love to hear them!

Thank you, Daisy.
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